26 April 2015

Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea: Vote for Player Ratings/MotM

As expected, Chelsea parked that rusty ol' bus of theirs and dared us to score. We had chances but couldn't do much with them. In fact, Chelsea had the best chance of the first half when Oscar, who had started as a false-nine in the absence of Costa, was played through on goal only for Bellerín to clear it off the line with a diving header as Ospina collided with Oscar. The concussed Brazilian was (eventually) subbed off by Drogba to start the second half, but little changed as Chelsea continued to defend deep in numbers, enough to make one wonder why they spent so much on Hazard, Oscar, Fabregas, Costa, and Remy. The Chelsea players' celebration at "winning" a point says it all. Still, the result is about as much as we could have hoped for, and it keeps us level on points with Man City, and we still have a game in hand. More on those issues later; for now, give our lads what they deserve in the poll below...

There's no way Arsenal can lose. Period.

This one is for all the marbles. Okay, no. Not really. Chelsea seem to have the Prem all sewn up. Even if we do win, it would still take an epic collapse from Chelsea to open up any opportunity for us to win the Prem. However, the match is like a microcosm for each club’s very different approaches and aspirations. For all of the hatred and vitriol spewed back and forth, Arsenal can’t lose—even if we do.

24 April 2015

Chelsea-Arsenal Preview: The Brazilian Betrayer and the avenging Gabriel

There is a traitor in our midst, someone who will switch allegiances at the merest whiff of lucre or silverware. At first glance, one might think that we're again autopsying Fàbregas's flight. I'm done flogging that little horse, however. For what it's worth, Fàbregas's betrayal was not in going to Stamford Bridge; it was in fleeing the Emirates. He's just another Nasri or van Persie in my eyes. Instead, there's another, deeper betrayal on my mind: that of Diego Costa. It's one thing to switch when a club starts talking about weekly wages; it's quite another when a country starts beckoning with the "come hither" gazes. Diego Costa, Diego da Silva Costa, formerly known in the Brazilian way as simply Diego, was once one of Brazil's finest. However, the Beast of Brazil bolted for Spain. Something in me wonders if our own Brazilian might have something to say about that...

22 April 2015

Against Chelsea, there's no way Arsenal can lose...

I mean it. There's no way Arsenal will lose on Sunday. Set aside the 12 previous times Arsène has failed to beat Mourinho. Set aside the vaunted bus-parking that Mourinho adopts against his rivals—or the ominous dove-tailing of Chelsea's ability to hit hard on the counter-attack and Arsenal's propensity to concede on those counters—Chelsea can't win, and Arsenal can't lose. I'm not saying that the clash will end in a draw. Even if that is the Specious One's method,  it doesn't matter. Everyone, including most Gooners, expects a Chelsea victory. Not this one. Whichever way you slice it, Arsenal win.