08 February 2014

Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal Halftime Report

A horrow-start saw Arsenal go down 2-0 inside of ten minutes thanks to two goals from Martin Skrtel, and Raheem Sterling added a third in the sixteenth minute. The nightmare continued when Sturridge got in behind the defense to run in on a long pass from Coutinho to slot pass a helpless Szczesny in the 20th minute. It was an unheard of, ridiculous display firepower that might have been worse had Suarez's shot not hit the post in the 13th minute. Four goals in 18 minutes, 23 seconds.

For as devastating as Liverpool have been on the attack, we have been positively anemic on offense. We didn't even register a shot on target in the first 45 minutes, and when three minutes of stoppage time were added, it seemed more like a misguided attempt at pity from referee Michael Oliver, who's earned some ire from Gooners in the past, but there's not much to complain to him about. Sure, Skrtel looked to be offsides on the first goal, breaking into the box before the set-piece delivery from Gerrard, but the finger-pointing will have to stop there as the the other three goals came from some poor marking, failure to track back, and getting caught too high up the pitch.

On the second goal from Skrtel, he managed to elude Koscielny to head home a corner, and the best Kos could do was to stick out a foot that never had a chance of finding the ball. Sterling's goal came as he was able to run into the box unmarked to latch on to a cross from Suarez and poke it home from about 5 yards out. On Sturridge's goal, an excellent through-ball from Coutinho sent him running in behind anyone in Arsenal yellow and all he had to was put it past Szczesny.

For long stretches of the first half, Liverpool have been quicker, more energetic, and more organized, and clearly look hungrier to win than we have. We've looked, to be honest, disorganized, disinterested, and, now, overwhelmed. It'll take an epic, epic comeback if we're to find a point from or even restore some dignity to this match. Here's hoping that the halftime pep-talk is the stuff of legend, as is the second half performance...