24 March 2014

Gibbs and Ox both available to face Swansea after successful appeal

Good news from the FA as it ruled that Gibbs was dismissed through mistaken identity, and Ox will not serve any suspension at all. To wit, from the FA's website and official announcement:
The Commission ruled that the dismissal of Kieran Gibbs was a case of mistaken identity and transferred this to his team-mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Subsequent to deciding this matter, the Commission then considered Arsenal’s claim for wrongful dismissal in relation to Oxlade-Chamberlain. This claim was upheld meaning Oxlade-Chamberlain will not serve any suspension with the standard punishment withdrawn with immediate effect.
Good news all around, obviously. Via twitter:
The wrongful dismissal came after Oxlade-Chamberlain deflected a shot with his hand, but because the shot was not clearly going in, apparently, Ox will not serve the one-match ban that might have otherwise followed.