19 May 2014

FA Cup Final Highlights: Set your faces to stun

Wow. What a brilliant, epic final that was. Of course, part of the brilliance comes from having won, and the agony that ebbs from Hull might lend a different sheen to the moment, but for the better part of the first half, the Tigers could taste the upset on a stage set just for them. For all of our whingeing about oily money, we still do have a fair amount to spend, and the gap between Hull and us is far wider than the gap between us and, say, Chelsea or Man City. Credit the Tigers; they came out and hit hard early, earning the breaks they got, and we were very nearly stunned into submission. Indeed, it took three stunning goals to deliver victory, and for the winner to come through an assist from a much-maligned French striker from Ligue 1 and an even more-maligned Welsh midfielder makes the result all the more poetic. However, instead of my blathering and dithering, I'll let the video do the talking for me now. Equal parts agony and ecstasy for both clubs and their supporters, this was a final we'll all remember for a while...

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