05 June 2014

Play the transfer-targets slot machine! Loosest slots in town!

Step right up, folks, and try your luck with this one-armed bandit, guaranteed to provide hours and hours of amusent. Sorry, no nudges or holds allowed here, but imagine the wild, crazy fun you can have as you watch each reel spin—'round and 'round and 'round they go, where they'll stop, well, not even Arsène knows. Speaking of Arsène, post your winner in the comments section below, and I'm sure he'll follow through!
This l'il number is guaranteed to be every bit as accurate as any other source out there predicting whom we'll sign, and it offers jackpots just as often as we actually sign someone. Go ahead! Don't be shy! Keep on payin' in and pullin' on that lever. Maybe, someday, this baby will pay out!
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