05 August 2014

Alexis' Song rings out at The Emirates, but which one?

He's only played about ninety minutes across two friendlies. He hasn't scored a single goal. However, already, he has two songs, one a traditional, fan-created one that plays on his last name; the other, a revamped pop-song whose lyrics spin off of his first name. Which should it be? I've already taken to referring to Alexis as, well, Alexis. It's the name he's chosen for the back of his jersey, after all. However, I like my cheek, and I like my bants. It's hard to ignore the traditional route. The "last-name" chant carries with it a nice bit of history specific to the signing of Sanchez that's worth considering.

As far as I can tell, the following chant first appeared at Anfield to celebrate their signing of Fernando Torres. I'll spare you their version, but ours goes like this for Alexis:
"He came to us from sunny Spain, Sánchez, Sánchez / He hates the scum from down the Lane, Sánchez, Sánchez / He chose to come to London town and turn the f*cking Scousers down! / Alex Sanchez number seventeen".
Now, I don't know if he hates anyone. That might be a bit strong. However, he did choose to come to London and spurned the Scousers in the process. Repurposing the Torres-chant strikes me as a classy way to tweak the Liverputians while highlighting the days when Torres actually scored goals—as Alexis shall soon start doing for us. This works for me (I seem to remember the Spuds trying to do this with Soldado, but that fizzled out rather quickly). The part that does give me pause is the idea that the arrival of anyone from Spain should find his name worked into this tune (I know Alexis is Chilean, so nit-pickers need not apply). Further, we did already use the tune for Santi.

At the other end, we have Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue", whose chorus we convert to the following:
We gonna rock down to Alexis Avenue, he make the score go higher!
Simple. Straight-forward. Original. Chantey. It can get a bit reductive and repetitive, to be honest, but it has a chance at gettting raucous as well. I have to admit a sentimental attachment to the song, because it hit the U.S. in 1983 and transformed my understanding of music. Prior to that, I'm almost embarrassed to admit, I was listening to the likes of Duran Duran. The idea that music could actually say something or carry a message was new to me, and I liked that. Moving on. This isn't about me, after all; it's about Alexis Sánchez and his song.

What's it gonna be? "He came to us from sunny Spain" or "Alexis Avenue? Both will probably get their chance. Whatever the outcome, let's hope that we get plenty of opportunities to hear it ring out loud at the Emirates...