13 September 2014

Ballots and Brickbats: Arsenal 2-2 Man City

From devastation to exhiliration to somewhere in between, that was quite a match. To be honest, after Agüero scored halfway through the first half, my heart sank as I pondered what lay ahead. To that point, we had bossed City, having generated a half-dozen shots on goal. Agüero's goal came on a blistering counter-attack, and might have been their very first shot on frame. However, Wilshere found a delicious equalizer, Alexis put us ahead, and it looked positively rosy...until Demichiles headed home to level the score. How are we to feel? Relieved? Gutted? We conceded first—again—and conceded yet another set-piece goal, yet we either (a) fought back or (b) let it slip. Which is it? In any case, take a moment to rate or slate players, manager, and more below (if the layout doesn't behave, you can also click on this link to open the same poll).