20 September 2014

Villans 0-3 Gunners: Video highlights of 192 seconds of glory

All it took was three minutes. Just three minutes to wash away a week of moping about after squandering a golden chance to defeat Man City and getting gobsmacked by Dortmund. In just over three glorious minutes, however, we found three goals, first from Özil, sent through by Welbeck; second from Welbeck as Özil returned the favor, and last by an own-goal from Cissokho, all between the 32nd and 36th minutes. Have a gander at the goals below:

We'll take a closer look at how it all went down, including, perhaps a retraction from your correspondent after he boldly proclaimed that it was time to rest Özil. Even playing wide, he looked sharp, even invigorated, with that goal and assist. Let's hope it's the kind of performance that propels him and the rest of the squad forward after a staggering, stuttering start to the season...in which we're still undefeated in the Prem!

It's probably worth reminding ourselves that the scoreline flattered us a bit, not that we didn't create two very good goals and force another one, but Villa looked a fair deal better than those goals or the clean sheet suggest. Even if we dominated possession to the tune of 71%, part of that reflects Villa's strategy and formation. But for a number of nifty saves from Szczesny, we might have even gone down to an early lead. He was quick off his line to snuff out chances from Agbonlahor on the rare breakouts, but he also blocked some sharp shots to earn that clean-sheet. It's the kind of result we've hungered for, and relieves a bit of the angst many of us have been feeling.

I'll keep an eye on the clip; you how these things sometimes go.