09 December 2014

Galatasaray 1-4 Arsenal: Blimey, did we blast 'em!

Arsène sent out a mixed squad against Galatasaray, perhaps figuring that Dortmund's draw with Anderlecht would be enough to win Group D and eyeing Newcastle on Saturday. Nevertheless, we blitzed aside that makes us look like defensive geniuses, with Ramsey and Podolski bagging braces, the former with a brilliant, jaw-dropping strike from about 30 yards, volleying through a thicket to beat the Bolat. It was an astounding shot, a nifty counter-balance to his first shot, a well-slotted roller on a brilliant breakaway. Perhaps Ramsey is finding the form that was so crucial to our success a season ago. Not to be outdone, Podolsk had opened the scoring with a quintessentially Podolskian goal, collecting a through ball, taking one touch, and simply blasting it through Bolat much as he had done to Neuer. Poldi added his second in stoppage-time and might have had a hat-trick had he not struck the woodwork. Though it wasn't enough to see us win the group, it might be enough to restore some confidence. We'll have a closer look at those implications later. For now, relax and enjoy the highlights!