05 May 2015

Post-Hull Podcast: Ramsey on the right, Cazorla in the hole, Totteringham, and more...

I know what you're thinking: "how much longer will I have to wait to hear Jon's velvety, dulcet voice?" Well, wait no longer. I'm proud to bring your attention to my appearance on the Arsenal Review USA podcast, where we discuss the Hull result and get ready for Swansea. It's a brave new world for me here, and I hope you'll give it a listen (skip ahead to the thirteen-minute mark if you'd like to cut to the chase and get to my appearance).

It was an interesting experience, having to formulate thoughts on the fly rather than hiding behind the keyboard, and I hope, if nothing else, I avoided any major gaffes and got through it sounding more or less like I know what I'm talking about. Given how ew this little foray is, I'd appreciate your feedback, whether on what I said or how I sounded saying it. Let me have it in the comments-section below. Thanks!