24 August 2015

Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool: Vote for Player Ratings/MotM

Arsenal were robbed six minutes in when an Aaron Ramsey goal was wrongly disallowed offside, Škrtel having played him onside, and we went into halftime in a scoreless draw thanks to the efforts of Čech, who made two brilliant saves to deny first Benteke and then Coutinho. Through most of the second half, Arsenal were dominant but without much to show for it despite repeatedly driving deep into the area. Mignolet denied Giroud from point-blank range in the 69th minute. Škrtel almost scored an own-goal while denying Ox's cross into Walcott in the 83rd, and it looked as if Liverpool had no interest in getting forward other than a handful of breakouts. Sitting deep and defending in numbers, they frustrated our attack and killed time well enough to make Mourinho himself envious. When we did break through, Mignolet came up with brilliant saves. Enough for the summary, though, let's get to the ratings poll!