06 November 2015

Can Arsenal score on a surprisingly stout Spurs defense?

There's nothing quite like a North London Derby to angry up the blood, and we could do with a little fire in the veins after that trip to Munich. In past NLDs, we could count on some high-scoring affairs, if only because Tottenham seemed content to run around like headless chickens. However, they've tightened up a bit, dropping their goals conceded per game from 1.39 last season to just 0.82 to this point. However, we've been averaging four goals per game in our last four Prem matches, which gives someone among my UK readers a chance at winning some swag. In the comments-section below, simply claim one of the six cells below.  If Joe comments, "Joe wants A" and a Gunner scores to that area, you'll win £10. A second goal gets you a pre-order of Football Manager (to be shipped in November when it's actually out). A third goal scored there? Your choice of a 2016 Arsenal jersey (home, away, or third). See more of the rules below...

  • Each reader is only allowed one square, no multiples.
  • Entries will not be accepted from blog owner, contributor or employees of Paddy Power.
  • Squares will be allocated to the first 6 people to comment on available squares.
  • The BBC’s definition of which square the ball went into is final, this can be found on BBC Football news http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/results.
  • Prizes are subject to availability.
  • Only one prize per square.
  • Only the first 5 goals are counted.      
  • UK entries only.
  • If the match score is 0-0 the first to comment on the original post will win the booby prize, a Danny Dyer Football Foul-Ups DVD.
Got it? Good. I know we want our lads to score goals for only the purest of purposes
—to deliver victory to the Arsenal—but it's nice once in a while to pick up a little swag for ourselves! Get to it!