31 December 2015

Predictions Poll: How will Arsenal fare in the second half?

As the New Year dawns, we can look back over the first half of the Prem season with a bit of fondness. We are, after all, top of the league (saidwearetopoftheleague!) and have done quite well against other Champions League contenders. With another 19 matches in front of us, plus a Champions League run-in with Barcelona and a chance to win a third straight FA Cup, do we have a chance at winning the Prem? With Chelsea's collapse, Man U's malaise, and Liverpool's malingering, the field is wide-open. Step into the breach and predict how Arsenal will fare between and the end of the season. Below the fold is a predictions-poll; predict the outcome of our remaining Prem fixtures and assess whether or not we can win the Prem. Let's get to it!