10 March 2016

Dortmund troll Tottenham; they really are kindred spirits...

It was a tough one to assess—on one hand, Dortmund and its fans are easy to like. Their experience has paralleled ours of late, what with players lost to league rivals, not to mention Champions League group-stage brouhahas. Who could root against them? On the other hand, Tottenham. Ugh. Who could root for them? Then again, the further that they progress in the Europa League, the more they might suffer in the Prem—and, let's face it, we might need a bit of that this season. With these competing factors in mind, it might have been hard for a Gooner to make up his or her mind. Fortunately, Dortmund settled the issue early and emphatically, winning 3-0. To add icing to the cake, Puma, their sponsor and ours, tweeted out a bit of drollery to tweak those Tots.

Ordinarily, I don't go in much for this kind of banter, but it's cute enough to wallow in, just a wee bit:

To refer to Tottenham as that "other" North London team offers a cheeky chance at rubbing those noisy neighbors' noses in their own shite. Pochettino did field an inferior side, making seven changes from Saturday's North London Derby. He must be nervous about Sunday's visit to Villa Park, and why not? Aston Villa are only nine points clear of avoiding relegation. Heck, if the Villans win all of their remaining nine fixtures, they'll finish on 43 points, good enough to finish as high as eighth, provided that twelve other squads completely implode.

Something in that squad-selection and this result suggests that Pochettino is scared. And why not? A Sword of Damocles dangles above him; he has a chance to guide Tottenham to its best finish in more than a quarter-century. He has a chance to guide Tottenham past Arsenal for the first time in a generation. That's a massive burden, the likes of which Atlas himself might have shrugged off. He's got to know that, with nine fixtures left, and with Man City holding a game in hand, his squad's position is precarious.

The level of banter, should Tottenham stumble in both the Prem and Europa League, would be too damned high. Thanks be to Dortmund for trolling those Tots on this occasion. Should we join them? I daresay we should.