05 March 2016

Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal—Player Ratings/MotM Poll

Arsenal drew first blood when Ramsey delivered a delicious flick, but Tottenham found an equaliser, duped Oliver into sending Coquelin off, and Kane truck to make it 2-1. It looked like it was all falling apart for ten-man Arsenal until Alexis scored to bring it to 2-2 and inspire hopes of a famous victory. Michael Oliver did his level best to make Gooners forget his heroics at Old Trafford, ignoring or waving off any infractions commited by those in white, and a pulsing derby ends in a draw that does little to improve Arsenal's standing in the Prem. We'll have to hope Leicester drop points; they're the only winners in this match. Well, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Is it good enough to keep us in the mix for winning the Prem? Time will tell. For now, get down to the poll to rate the lads...

04 March 2016

Wenger in, Wenger out; let's just hope for a North London knockout!

It's been a generation since a North London Derby has been as pregnant with meaning as this one is. Not since 1993 has so much ridden on the result of this one. Much as we'd like to comfort ourselves with the fact that those twenty years and change reflect just how much better we've been than our noisome neighbours, we face a cold, hard truth and might be staring an uglier one straight in the face: Tottenham are, at least for now, better than we are. We are reeling from two consecutive defeats and are three points off their pace. Forget St. Totteringham's Day for the moment. Our season is on the line.

03 March 2016

Would Alexis lead or would he leave?

There are dark times for Gooners, make no mistake. After losing to a makeshift side at Old Trafford last weekend, we could console ourselves with the notion that it was Old Trafford, after all. However, we followed that by succumbing at home to a similarly-ravaged Swansea side, and there's little if any consolation to be found there. For as much we might rage at Madley for ignoring the Mugging of Mesut at Midfield, the one that led to Routledge going through on goal to equalise, we have only ourselves to blame. We now face a do-or-die situation that lays waste to the difference between the figurative and literal meanings of the phrase. Into the breach steps Alexis Sánchez with words of warning.

02 March 2016

Not with a bang but a whimper...or is it simply darkest before the dawn?

Words can't really express how I'm feeling after this result. Fifteen minutes in, we were up 1-0, Tottenham were down 0-1, and I was starting to think we could go into White Hart Lane level on points with a wobby Leicester in our sights. Oh, how wrong I was. Heart-breakingly wrong. I thought I was undone by the loss at Old Trafford. I thought no loss could sting as much as that one. Now, I realise my naïveté. After all, I could console myself by saying, "it's Old Trafford. Tough venue, even against a threadbare squad." Heck, but for 71 seconds or so, we actually looked tolerable. Against Swansea—Swansea, for feck's sake—we looked, well, terrible. Is this how Arsène's reign will end?

Arsenal 1-2 Swansea: Vote for Player Ratings/MotM

Ashley Williams scoresArsenal took an early lead through a Joel Campbell goal but surrendered that lead late in the second half when Ashley Williams sneaked in front of Petr Čech to bundle it home from free-kick in the 74th minute. Long periods of frustration defined the match as we just couldn't find another way past our old friend Łukasz Fabiański, and five minutes of stoppage time looked to simply prolong our frustration and deepen already deep feelings of despair. Not even the knowledge that Liverpool thrashed Man City or that West Ham edged past Tottenham can ease the sting of losing at home when a win was absolutely vital. Even more than Sunday's setback, this result might drive home the final nail in what remains of our title hopes. Well, we'll have a closer look at that later. For now, get down to the poll and give our lads what they deserve...

01 March 2016

Leicester wobbles yet again; Arsenal will seize this season by the scruff against Swansea...

For the third time in as many outings, Leicester, the erstwhile runaway favorites to win the Prem, have flirted with entering the kind of death-spiral that we've long-predicted. We beat them. Again. They won in the waning seconds at home against Norwich. On Tuesday, again at home, they fought hard to come away with one point against West Brom. Their lead over us now stands at just six points, pending the result of our Wednesday scrum against Swansea. I hope you'll indulge as I look just a bit past the fixture itself and to the larger issues at stake. I think we all know what those issues are.

29 February 2016

Rivals collude and conspire to destroy and delude Arsenal...

THAMES HOUSE, London—Authorities will neither confirm nor deny the discovery of a massive conspiracy, apparently conceived in secrecy at some point in the summer of 2015, to first inflate the expectations of the Arsenal FC fanbase—(heretofore referred to as "Gooners")—only to dash them in as cruel a manner as possible. In a scandal sure to rock British football to its very core, managers of three of the Premier League's biggest clubs, once known collectively as members of the "Big Four" after a period of shared dominance of the Prem during the early 2000s, went so far as to stake their own tenures at their clubs, if not their professional futures, on hatching and implementing their plan. Should the existence of such a plot be confirmed, it would prove to be the most explosive discovery in the history of sport.

28 February 2016

Man U 3-2 Arsenal: Vote for Player Ratings/MotM!

Youngster Marcus Rashford stunned everyone including himself by bagging two goals in 70 seconds, and Danny Welbeck restored some hope to the faithful by pulling one baack to make it 2-1 before halftime. Despite some early fight-back early in the second half, Herrera scored a beautiful goal from a devastating counterattack, killing off almost any hope of an Arsenal result. Next, however, it would be Mesut Özil, pulling one back to make it 3-2 in the 69th minute, reviving said hopes. Sadly, that would be all she wrote. With Leicester winning it late on Saturday and Tottenham fighting past Swansea, a gap has opened between us and the top of the table. There's still time to close that gap, but less than we'd like. More on that later. For now, get down to the poll to rate our lads...