17 December 2016

It's a depleted Manc squad; can Arsenal make mincemeat of it?

After going 22 matches without a loss (sorry, League Cup), Arsenal's strong start finally stumbled at Goodison Park. That it was our third match in a week is one asterisk, as is the controversial non-call when Mirallas seemed to upend Alexis in the waning moments. Be those as they may, the sad fact is that we lost an away-match for the first time since March against Barcelona. That's a pretty fine little streak and one that should still inspire confidence ahead of Sunday's trip to the Etihad.

16 December 2016

Alexis lowballed, Özil demands Draxler, and Gooners struggle to stave off PTSD...

Arsenal lost at Goodison Park midweek and, despite this being only the second loss of the campaign (with apologies to the League Cup), that's enough bad news to send many otherwise sane, stable, and rational fans into a tailspin of doubt, paranoia, and gloom. In other words, it's the perfectly toxic time for the tabloids to dredge up whatever dregs of semblances of truth they can find to conjure up panicky clickbait and lurid headlines. One would think it was the summer of 2011 or 2012 as we peruse those headlines, some of which are claiming that we're lowballing Alexis to the tune of £80,000 per week or that Özil is insisting that we sign Julian Draxler as a condition of keeping him.