13 May 2017

Shawcross and Mike Dean and Adam, oh my!

Ah, spring. The run-in. When evey Gooner's thoughts turn to points. Yes, every Gooner, it seems, turns amateur accountant this time of year, frantically assessing how many points are needed to ensure that mythic, enchanted top-four finish: what's our maximum? How likely is it that [detested rival] will drop points against [somewhat less-detested rival] to allow us to sneak in? So it goes. A victory over Man U gives us a chance to finish above them. That's fifth, then. A midweek victory over Southampton puts pressure on Liverpool, but fourth is still just out of reach. Before counting any more eggs (or is it beans?), though, there's the not-so-small matter of Stoke.

07 May 2017

Ramsey's Resurrection, Arsenal's ascendance, Arsène's absolution?

At long last, Arsène has embarrassed Mourinho. At first gloss, it would be easy to shrug off the result as meaningless, what with Mourinho's injury-woes and Europa League priorities. A second glance suggests that these are exactly the factors that play to Mourinho's "big match" preferences: an away-match against a hated rival, with selection-dilemmas, and a vital point the preferred outcome. Indeed, this was one in which Mourinho's tactics and psychological edge should have won the day. That they didn't might just herald something special, if only in the realm of spite if not silverware...