27 December 2021

Norwich 0-5 Arsenal: Ratings & MOTM Poll Results

It's not often a player bags a brace and doesn't get MOTM the honors, but when a teammate was as instrumental to orchestrating the attack as Martin Ødegaard was, well, the logic is clear. After an indifferent start to the season, Ødegaard has unleashed his creative force—and may be just starting to scratch the surface. Between him growing into his skills, acclimating himself to his role, and learning his teammates' roles, preferences, and abilities, this guy could be something quite special. And to think we nabbed him for a paltry £30m. Anyway, he helped us run Norwich into the ground in a virtuoso performance, ruthlessly eviscerating the Canaries with key passes, long balls, and through balls. Those who find themselves saying "it's just Norwich" should remind themselves that these kinds of performances build confidence and chemistry. Are we going to beat Man City 5-0 now? No. Do we have a right to feel somewhat better about our chances? Yes. All in due time, though. For now, just savor this one. The postponement of the Wolves match gives us a little time to catch our collective breath.