03 December 2021

Man U 3-2 Arsenal: Ratings & MOTM Poll Results

760 of us spared Elneny, Partey, and Aubameyang none of their scorn, with each man receiving terrible scores. Auba "led" the line with a paltry 2.54, low enough to suggest that a lot of us are either (a)irrationally angry, (b) spiteful, (c) blaming him for a poor showing, or (d) some combination of all three. I know that I'm feeling all three. We'll have to have a further inquest into Aubemayang but also Partey, who has been an enigma at best. However, forests and trees and so on. It was a disappointing result considering our overall effort. But for a few moments here and there, we might have come away with the result we craved. No time to waste looking backward, though. We have to prepare for a trip to Everton on Monday. With that, then, here are our poll results...

02 December 2021

Man U 3-2 Arsenal: Vote for Player Ratings & MOTM!

Auba putting that golden chance straight at de Gea...
It looked like an early goal from Emile Smith-Rowe might pave the way for a famous victory at Old Trafford, but those devils equalised just before halftime through Fernandes. An equaliser from Ødegaard was then cancelled out by Ronaldo's 800th career goal, a total to which he added after Ødegaard's rash challenge brought Fred down in the box, and Ronaldo put the pen straight up the middle. It was topsy-turvy as both sides sensed the other's weaknesses. Aubameyang squandered a golden but tricky chance to half-volley home from six yards out, but de Gea smothered it. This will hardly resolve nagging questions about Aubameyang, to put it mildly. It was a bit of back and forth, and, aside from those few moments when we switched off, one might say we were even the better side—but that doesn't mean that we deserved better. As encouraging as it was to see us give as good as we got, if not better, the result shows us who we are: a squad still very much making its way. Well, let's get to the poll to rate the lads!

01 December 2021

All the stars align for Arsenal...what could possibly go wrong?

Ahead of our trip to Old Trafford, almost all of the news is coming up Arsenal: new interim-to-the-interim manager Ralf Rangnick will not yet be at the wheel, thanks in so small part to Brexit (see? and you thought Brexit was bad!), meaning that the current interim manager, Michael Carrick, will be. Shkrodan Mustafi—er, Harry Maguire—is fit and available. Varane, Pogba, and Cavani are probably unavailable. We haven't lost at Old Trafford in our last three trips and sport a not-too-shabby record 2W, 4D, 4L in our last ten. They're overconfident after a 1-1 draw away to Chelsea. Yes, indeed, it's all starting to feel like it's in the bag. What would possiblye go wrong? Possibly go wrong. Ha. That's the first thing that's ever gone wrong.

29 November 2021

Rivals' Roundup, Matchday 13: Waiting for the other shoe to drop?

After another week in which just about every result seemed to go our way, it's starting to feel a little bit eerie. I'm not even going to list off the positive trends for fear of banjanxing the whole kit and caboodle. Instead, let's just savor the delicious taste of (most of) our rivals dropping points for another week. It's almost enough to make one believe that we have a chance at approaching something in the vicinity of relevance at some point in the not-too-far-off future, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, let's just see what's what among those who stand between us and a fourth-place finish.

28 November 2021

Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle: Ratings & MOTM Poll Results

 With a grand total of 578 votes, 36% selected Bukayo Saka as our MOTM against Newcastle, with 29% preferring Tomiyasu (whom we actually rated higher). The knives were out for Aubameyang, whom we rated an ugly 4.31 after a poor all-around performance capped by that ignominious miss. We'll have to examine Aubameyang's form, role, and future at some point soon. For now, though, let's just bask in the glow of a tidy win...