11 December 2021

Arsenal 3-0 Southampton: Vote for Player Ratings & MOTM!

After a tetchy opening fifteen minutes in which Southampton looked the brighter side narrowly kept at bay by Ramsdale, Arsenal finally took this match by the scruff through goals from Lacazette, Ødegaard, and Gabriel. It's a welcome return to winning ways after two disappoint away losses in which we looked likely to win. It's only the third time we've scored more than two goals in the Prem, and to so while keeping a clean sheet makes for a tidy improvement to our goal difference. It's still negative, but don't let that get you down. Off the pitch, the big pre-match news was the exclusion of Aubameyang due to after returning late from an approved trip. which inspired a good deal of tongue-clucking and beard-stroking. We may have to revisit that later, but for now, let's get down to the post-match poll!

07 December 2021

Rivals' Roundup, Matchday #14-ish: Fixtures flyin' faster than my fingers can type.

There's been a whole heck of a lot of movement in the top six, and none of it all that good for us. The matches flew fast and furious over the last few days before coming to a crashing end on Monday. No rest for the wicked, though, a group of which I am displeased to learn that I apparently am a member (how's that for not ending a sentence with a preposition? Upvotes in abundance please. I balance this grammatical perspicacity with a convivial charisma that makes me the life of each party to which I am invited. I promise. At any rate, by the time I post this, it will be about as out-of-date as a pair of leopard-print bike shorts paired with an argyle crop-top (why am I always the last to know). I press forward unbowed.