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If you're interested in contributing to Woolwich 1886, please follow the guidelines below. Articles submitted will be considered for publication.If an article does not meet expectations or needs, I will contact you with feedback.
  • Before you write anything, make a quick pitch to me through the email link below. No point in composing an entire post until you get a green light on the idea first.
  • Articles must be original. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, of course, but articles published elsewhere will not be republished here.
  • Content should focus on Arsenal, not merely include Arsenal as part of a broader focus. 
  • Transfer rumours should focus on the suitability of a player (how well he meets the club's needs, for example), not on how close we are to signing him.
  • Thorough proof-reading is essential.
  • Include a brief bio, your Twitter handle, and the name and URL of your own site (if applicable)
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